Spanish Outlook village in Belize

In my previous post I was telling you about San Ignacio, a very nice and interesting town. I was also telling you about a nearby village named "Spanish Outlook". If you want to visit Spanish Outlook, there is something you should know in advance. It is an amish town, the amish people have their own traditions, customs and culture, they are very unique. They have lived in this area for many years. In fact, in all Central America there are only a few amish town communities. A couple of them are located in Belize, and one of them is Spanish Outlook. I bet you didn´t know this story…………..did you?

I would like to tell you about a very interesting experience you can have when taking the road to Spanish Outlook. When you are coming from San Ignacio, you take a left turn from the main road to Spanish Outlook, it is not a paved road, it is in pretty good condition though. A couple of miles into that road, you suddenly get to a river, and if you want to continue in your way to Spanish Outlook, you have to cross that river to the other side. But guess what……………there is no bridge, and it is not a narrow river. How can you do to cross to the other side?. Don’t worry, there is a way, and very interesting indeed……..would you like to know how?

The answer is………….there is a ferry available for crossing the river. You have to move your car up into the ferry, and the ferry will take you to the other side. The interesting part with this ferry is that it is operated by a man, there is a driver inside some type of rustic cabin into the ferry, and that man has to operate some manual devices and gearshifts with his very own effort, moving some pulley. The ferry is attached to guiding cables, and it moves because of the man operating the pulley. That man works very hard all day, every day, going from one end of the river to the other all the time, taking the ferry, cars and people all the time back and forward crossing the river, with his very own hands moving the pulley. He is a full time ferry driver, almost never has a chance to take a rest ……..incredible!

Well, after crossing the river you will finally get to this amish town, Spanish Outlook. Very nice place, a lot of work in the area, agriculture, cattle farming, milk industries, chicken farms, it is a very industrial place in its own ways. And you wouldn´t believe what other industry is set in that very remote area inland Belize, I couldn´t believe it myself until I saw with my very own eyes…… I insist, you will never believe it…

Do you want to take a guess?. If you have never been there I bet you would never guess.........There are oil wells in the area!. They take crude oil from underground and take it to a nearby oil terminal. Yes, in this remote amish community inland Belize, I'm not kidding!. It seems there are oilfields in that area, with enough amounts to take it out from the ground and take it to the refineries. It is under the control of Belize government of course.

What interesting things you can see in these places. You would never believe that Belize has so many different places to see and visit. We will talk about Belize again in future posts, there is so much more to talk about this beautiful country.

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Anonymous said...

The way you describe the place is not according with the tru. The way to town is a magnificent tarmac road equal to any in the developed world and the river crossing is a very good lowhead bridge. The Spanish Lookout township is the industrial center of Belize and held an Industrial Show every year, the town offers a very moder outlook to any visitor and most foreigners in the capital town, Belmopan, go there for their weakly shoping to the Farmers´ Coop.

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