A trip from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula in Honduras

A few days ago I made this trip, driving from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula, this is in Honduras. I have made this trip several times, but it's always an interesting adventure. I would like to tell you about this trip, in case you are interested to do it someday I hope this information can be helpful.

Well, let´s start saying that Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula are the two main cities in Honduras. Tegucigalpa is the Capital city, San Pedro Sula is an industrial city. Both are large cities. The population of Tegucigalpa is about 1.5 million people, and San Pedro Sula is about 1 million. Now, it's interesting to know that San Pedro Sula is larger than Tegucigalpa, is like more spreaded in a valley, and it is surrounded by nearby cities which have become part of the main city. Most factories and industries are established in San Pedro Sula. Tegucigalpa is the base of the Honduran Government. Tegucigalpa is located in the central - south zone of the country, and San Pedro Sula is located in the north zone, very near to the Caribbean sea north of Honduras. Anyway, these are the two main cities in Honduras. The third largest city in Honduras is La Ceiba, a port in the Caribbean. I will tell you more about these cities in other posts, I was only trying to do like an introduction and give you a quick overview of these cities.

Many local people have a popular saying…. they say while Tegucigalpa thinks, San Pedro Sula works, and La Ceiba enjoys. There is a carnival in La Ceiba every year, a lot of fun. I will tell you about the carnival in other posts.

Going back to our main subject, the trip from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula is very interesting. It is a 4 hours drive. The road is in pretty good condition. When you begin your trip in Tegucigalpa, you just take the main exit north of the city and you're in your way to San Pedro Sula. There are a lot of mountains in the Tegucigalpa area, the road goes up and down into the mountains, a lot of curves in the road. You have to watch out and drive carefully because the road has a lot of heavy traffic, a lot of buses and trucks use that road. Aproximately 20 minutes you will get to the valley of Amarateca. Then you go again into the mountains and will go through beautiful pine trees mountains. A lot of pine trees, all around. The pine tree is the national tree in Honduras, is like a national symbol.

About 1 hour after beginning the trip in Tegucigalpa, you will be in Comayagua, it is large valley. The city of Comayagua is almost at the end of the valley coming from South to North. Comayagua is a colonial city, very beautiful by the way. It used to be the capital city in Honduras in the 19th century, before the capital was moved to Tegucigalpa. This time I didn´t stop in Comayagua, I just went ride by the side of it.

After the Comayagua valley, you will go again up into the mountains, again the pine trees all over the place. It´s amazing how many pine trees you can see. About 30 minutes after leaving Comayagua, you will get to the middle of the trip, you are in the city of Siguatepeque.

Right now we are in the very middle of our trip, I will continue telling you about it in my next post…..

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Drew said...

Hello CJ, you have a great blog. Your English is very good.

So, would it be somewhere around 4 hours from Comayagua to Tela?

How many hours from Comayagua to one of the Bay Islands?

Are there any good beach towns on the Pacific side of the Honduras?

Tulsa, OK

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