Visiting Valle de Angeles in a week day

Last week I made a quick trip to Valle de Angeles, you know, the famous colonial town near Tegucigalpa, about 30 minutes drive. I have written previous posts about Valle de Angeles, a place which is famous for being a tourist destination, colonial spanish town in the Tegucigalpa area, in Honduras.

I don´t know how many times I have gone there, I´ve lost the account. Now, the interesting thing with this particular visit is that I did the trip in a week day, I believe it was a Wednesday morning. Most of the times I have gone there, it´s been on a weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. Most people who visit Valle de Angeles do it on weekends, the amount of people that goes there in a weekend day is a lot. Since the moment you begin your trip going out of Tegucigalpa and taking the road to Valle de Angeles, you notice a lot of cars and people going with you in a weekend. And when you get there, to Valle de Angeles, there is a lot of people walking in the streets, most of them are tourists. But you know, it is really a lot of people in a normal weekend day, which is fine, no problem.

Now, going back to my initial topic, this time I did the trip on a week day. It´s not the first time I go there in a week day, but it has been only a few times that I've done that. And you know what, I think you enjoy the trip a lot more on a normal week day compared with a weekend day. And you know why?. It´s simple, because you can enjoy more with much less people around the town at the same time. You will always find a lot of tourists and people visiting Valle de Angeles any day, in fact this time there were a lot of people also, but nothing compared with the crowd that goes there on weekends.

You can feel much more relaxed with less people around you, you can take a walk in the town, very cool, very easy. You can have much more places available to park your car almost anywhere.

I also took this opportunity to visit a very interesting place there. As you probably know, Valle de Angeles is the main base of the artisans who work and make incredible handicrafts. The artisans have some type of exposition for their work. In Valle de Angeles there are several pavillions for showing the handicrafts. These pavillions are some type of large showrooms where you can go in there and take a walk to admire all kinds of handicrafts. I had been there many times before also, but this time for some reason I had more chance to take a better look at these pieces of art work because there weren´t many people visiting in a week day. It´s incredible how beautiful these handicrafts can be.

Many of them are carved wood, some other are pottery, hammocks, paintings, you name it!. These artisans really know their work. I believe these handicrafts are really unique, they are pieces of real art. The variety is very wide, going from the range of little things that you could place in a desk in your office or home, but also you can find very large items. For example, I saw a carved wood door, 2 meters high, 1 meter wide. It´s a door you could install in your home. I will get a door like this someday very soon to put it in my home. It´s incredibly beautiful. There are also carved wood boxes, they have rural landscapes carved in the surface. From little boxes to large boxes. They would make an excellent ornament in any home or any office. Real impresive work.

The artisans have an association, it´s called Asociacion Nacional de Artesanos de Honduras (ANAH), which is National Association of Honduran Artisans. These people are really incredible with their work.

After visiting the artisans pavillions, I took a long walk downtown Valle de Angeles, looking at the beauty of the town. This place is really great, you feel very relaxed, it´s like traveling back in time, you forget about the city at least for a couple of hours. Someday I would like to live in a town like this….

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