Would you like to go to Santa Lucia in Honduras?

In this post we would like to talk about a little colonial town located very near Tegucigalpa, capital city of Honduras. This town is Santa Lucia. If you ever think about a colonial spanish kind of towns, there are a lot of options in Central America, from Guatemala to Panamá, all over the countries there is a wide variety of towns under this definition.

However, now we will talk about Santa Lucia. Well, what can we say?. A lot of things. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Santa Lucia is peace and calm, very relaxing place. If you like old spanish type of towns, you will love Santa Lucia for sure. There is one great advantage on Santa Lucia, it is very near Tegucigalpa, it's only about 20 minutes driving, the road is in good shape. You can go there anytime if you ever visit Tegucigalpa, no matter if your visit is related to business or work, you could go there very quickly to have lunch or an early dinner, it's a visit you can´t miss.

I visit Santa Lucia whenever I have the chance. A lot of people I know from Tegucigalpa actually live in Santa Lucia, they live in the middle of the mountains surrounded by nature, a lot of pine trees, the weather is great, you can breath fresh air all the time. It is very relaxing indeed.

If you ever go to Tegucigalpa some day, you should definitely plan a visit to this town, it's in the way to Valle de Angeles, another colonial town which I have written about in other posts. Even though you could make a quick visit as we said before, we suggest you plan a visit on a weekend if possible, or any other day where you have enough time available. It would be ideal if you could get to the town, park your car, and take a walk on the cobblestones streets, walk as much as you can all over the town, go into the colonial church, take your time to watch the natural landscapes all around you, feel the taste and odors of colonial towns, talk with the local people, enjoy a cup of coffee, try the local food, see for yourself the beautiful flowers in the country, bottom line……relax, relax, relax.. What an incredible feeling!. And if you had more time to spare, let´s say a couple of days, you can actually spend the night there, there are many colonial hotels available in the town.

If you ever visit Tegucigalpa and couldn´t go to Santa Lucia, it would be really a shame. However, in a clear day with sun and no clouds, you can actually look with your own eyes this little town inside the mountains from Tegucigalpa, just take a look to the mountains in the north east and you will have an idea of what this town is all about. But the best thing would be to go there. Remember, it´s only 20 minutes drive…

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