Roatan, a paradise in the Caribbean

On this post we want to tell you about a touristic destination that we could consider like a jewel or precious stone if we were talking about paradisiac places, beach and ocean locations, the perfect place to take vacations if you want to really enjoy of white sand, blue water, beautiful natural spots. Well, this very special place is Roatan. On this blog we already had written something very brief about this beautiful place, but we also said that it was not possible to cover everything in one post and we would be writing something else in the future. Well, here we are then…..

Have you ever heard about Roatan or the Bay Islands? Does this name sound familiar to you? Do you have any idea where this place is located or what is it all about?. If you are the type or person that manages a little bit of touristic information related to beaches destinations, "Caribbean" type or similar places, you surely know what we are talking about and the name of Roatan will be familiar to you.

On the other hand, if you don't have any idea about this place, or if you had never heared about it, we want to tell you that you've been missing about the possibility of having in your potential travel and tourism destinations one of the best world class spots, first class, that doesn't have anything to envy to any other touristic destination in the world. We are not exaggerating, it is just like that, believe it or not!

If you already had information about Roatan, or if you already had heared about this place, we're going to give you a brief information that we´re sure is going to be very helpful if you ever visit this island. Or if you already have been there and would like to go again some day, it's always good to have additional information and tips from many sources.

Before we begin, if you didn´t have any information about Roatan, you could have a quick idea about how Roatan looks like in a very easy way, you can do it yourself in no time. They say that an image speaks a thousand words, sometimes images describe by themselves everything we could possibly write and try to describe about a place or location. Well, that easy way is through the Internet, it's the most practical tool that we have for getting information. You can go to Google, activate the image option and write the word "Roatan", click on the search button. Inmediately you will have a lot of images in your computer about this place. You will be able to see images with white beaches, blue water, spectacular sunsets, coral reefs, and so many other images related to this kind of views.

Roatan is a beach place that definitely falls into the category of paradisiac destination, that's a fact. The landscapes and views in Roatan are spectacular, very beautiful. When you visit this place, you inmediately start thinking about how beautiful our planet is, how wonderful our mother nature can be. We have visited Roatan many times, and every time we visit this place, we can never get enough from it, it's incredible.

Well, there is a lot to tell about this island, and as we said before, it's impossible to cover information on this destination in one post, we're going to have to cover this topic in separate notes, so our posts are not that long to read. To start, we want to tell you that Roatan is part of a group of islands in the Caribbean part of Honduras, in Central America. We're talking about the Bay Islands, that's the name of this group of islands. The largest island is Roatan. By the way, the other islands are also a world class tourism destination, no kidding!. But we're going to talk about those other islands in other posts so we don't make a mix of everything in this particular post. In this opportunity we will try to focus on Roatan, and also we're going to share with you some interesting information, and some personal travel experiences as well, with our personal touch and point of view. We were in Roatan a couple of weeks ago and it turned out to be very interesting, and even though we just visited this island, we're already looking forward to our next visit as soon as possible.

In our coming posts we're going to cover some topics and information about this paradisiac island in the Caribbean part of Honduras…

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