A quick visit inland of Belize

I'm sure when you think about Belize, you inmediately associate this country with beaches, ocean, cayes, diving, islands, all Caribbean type of destination. And you're right, that's the main reason tourists go to Belize, a beautiful place indeed, a paradise for diving into the ocean and looking at coral reefs. Cayes in Belize are famous all over the world, that is absolutely true.

However, I would like to tell you about a trip I made to inland Belize a few days ago. Not a lot of people have the chance to make this type of trips. Who would want to visit the inland part of a country which has some of the most beautiful cayes and islands in the Caribbean?. Well, there are a lot of people interested in visiting some other destinations in Belize, there is a lot more to see other than beaches and cayes you know.

Anyway, let's start by saying that many people think that Belize City is the capital city of the country. Even myself, not a very long time ago thought that. I was wrong, and many people are wrong also. For your information, maybe you already know but many people don´t, the capital city of Belize is Belmopan, it is about one hour driving south west from Belize City. It is located inland Belize. You know, Belize City is the largest and main city in the country, but it is not the capital city.

The road that goes from Belize City to Belmopan is in good condition, the landscapes are nice, rural areas, very green. It is plain terrain all the way, no mountains or hills, not a lot to see really. My final destination was the city of Dangriga, it is located south east from Belmopan, about one hour and 15 minutes drive. Road in pretty good condition also. When you get to Belmopan you have to turn left and you're in your way to Dangriga. The landscapes change dramatically on this part of the trip. You start to see mountains all over the place, very beautiful views indeed, it is like a rain forest, very nice.

There are some interesting tourists attractions in the area which we will talk about in other posts. For instance there is the Blue Hole National Park, it's in the way to Dangriga into the rain forest. Local people say that it is like a hole in the middle of a river, the water goes from the hole into the ground and travels many miles until getting into the ocean, going through underground caves. Can you believe that?. I'm not completely sure it's really that way, but it is like a local legend and tradition. We will look into this famous Blue Hole in other posts as I said.

There is also a very famous view looking to the horizon at some mountains about the middle of the trip to Dangriga. It is the "sleeping giant mountain", local people say that if you look with full attention to that mountain, you can actually see the figure of a man sleeping, the mountains in the horizon somehow actually look like a sleeping man, a giant man. I could not believe that, not until I saw it with my very own eyes….it is true, the mountains have a shape of a giant man resting, that's the sleeping giant. What an interesting place indeed.

In another post I will tell you about the continuation of this trip, very interesting…

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