Beautiful Islands and Cayes in Belize

If you ever travel Central America, I strongly suggest someday you take the time to visit Belize, a paradisiac country with spectacular beaches. Belize is located east of Guatemala, and just south of the Yucatan peninsula. A lot of beautiful beaches en Belize, a paradise for adventurers, especially people who love scuba diving and similar hobbies and sports, Belize is a "must travel" place.

I've been to Belize a few times myself. I remember that once I visited a group of islands or cayes, it's incredibly beautiful. There are a lot of islands and cayes in Belize. The one I remember is Ambergris Caye . In order to get there, you have many alternatives. One of them is flying from Belize city to a town named San Pedro. Once you get to San Pedro you can go to several cayes nearby. The one I visited I had to take a boat and sail about 30-45 minutes. I remember there was a hotel in a caye, the only thing in that caye was the Hotel and it's facilities. Beaches with white sand, coral reef, espectacular weather. All you can imagine as a paradise you can find here.

In Central America there are many places very similar to the cayes in Belize, they are surrounded by a coral reef that goes from the Yucatan peninsula all the way down to Honduras caribbean coast, and goes on and on. They say that this coral reef is the second largest in the world, I guess the largest one is located in Australia.

Going back to the adventures you can find in Belize cayes, it's an interesting travel experience. If you're not afraid of sailing 30 - 45 minutes in a little boat in the ocean, go ahead and do it someday if you have the opportunity.

One day I was at the caye, and I had the opportunity to go out for dinner in San Pedro, that means you have to take the boat and sail 30 minutes, get to San Pedro and have dinner, visit the town for a while. At midnight I had to go back to the caye, and guess what, there was no option but to take the boat again at midnight. Going into the ocean and have a 30-45 minutes sailing experience into the sea, looking at the moon and the stars, what an incredible experience. It was a shame I was traveling alone, next time I will take my wife, so we can share togheter this beautiful experience.

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