Costa Rica, a first class travel destination

When you think about tourism and travel in Central America, probably the first country name or place that comes to your mind is Costa Rica. This is definitely a very good tourism and travel destination, no question about it. Why is that?. There must be many good reasons for this. It's interesting to know that Costa Rica is not the largest country in Central America, and it also is one of the less populated. As for natural places to visit (beaches, mountains, rain forest, etc), Costa Rica is not very different from all other Central American countries, as for natural places without the resorts and facilities you can find many sites in Central America very similar to the ones you can visit in Costa Rica. But they certainly know how to invest in tourism, travel and promotion.

A lot of options in Costa Rica for travelers from all over the world. The tourism industry in Costa Rica is first class. The type of resorts you can find in Costa Rica compete with the very best resorts in the World, there is no doubt about it.

If you ever travel to Costa Rica you will notice how tourism is every day activity, since you get to the airport in San Jose you notice right away. You find people from all over the world, people from Europe, Japan, USA, Canada, etc, you name it!

Did you know that many showbiz celebrities have chosen Costa Rica as their destination for traveling?. Celebrities like Madonna, Britney Spears and many others have chosen resorts like the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica just for naming one. Places and facilities like this one you can find all over Costa Rica, beatuful beaches, surrounding mountains, golf courses, horse riding, etc.

Costa Rica is very famous for its natural rain forest, very beautiful. I once had the opportunity to travel Costa Rica by car, I crossed the whole country from north to south, going from Nicaragua to Panama, it was a 2 days trip, the main road from San Jose to the south (going to Panama) goes through rain forest places, you can see nature at its best just looking out from your car windows, right there!

Good for Costa Rica, they certainly know how to work around tourism, first class.

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