Chiriqui, a beautiful province in Panama

I would like to talk a little bit about a beautiful place in Panama, that is the Province of Chiriqui, it is located in the west part of the country, near the Costa Rican border. Many people know Panama for his famous Panama Canal, which is of course the main atraction in the country, but places like Chiriqui is worth to travel if you have the opportunity some day.

Several years ago I lived in Chiriqui for almost one year, it was a wonderful experience. The capital city of the province is the city of David, a very beautiful city by the way. I remember spectacular and beautiful places near David, you can drive by car to nearby towns and regions. There are a lot of mountains, rivers, rain forest. It's interesting how diverse is the weather in Chiriqui, you have beautiful beaches less than one hour from David, and yet you also have beautiful towns with cold weather driving up into the mountains in less than two hours drive. I especially remember places like Boquete and Cerro Punta. You can see flowers all over the town of Boquete, spectacular flower gardens. The town of Cerro Punta is very cold by the way, by cold I mean the weather. If you ever go to Cerro Punta make sure to wear a good sweater.

There are many ways to go to David and Chiriqui. David is located about 500 km west of Panama city, if you go by car it would be aproximately 5 hours drive. There is an airport also, you can fly from Panama city very easily.

I also remember Chiriqui for being a very independent region, they call themselves "Chiricanos", when you somehow refer to them as Panamanians, they keep telling you that they are not panamanians, they are Chiricanos, they say it's not the same thing!. There is like a history of Chiriqui looking to be an independent country separated from Panama, people there talks about it very often.

Another atraction in Chiriqui is the Volcan Baru, I'm not sure but I think is the highest mountain in Panama, it's like a national park, very beautiful place. If you're interested in looking around and read more information on Chiriqui click here

If you ever travel to Panama and you have the chance, make time to visit Chiriqui. If you could get into a car and drive into this province, you won't regret it.

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