Guatemala, the Land of Eternal Spring

I don't know if you ever heard that Guatemala is known as the "Land of Eternal Spring". Well, there is a very good reason for that definition, as you know spring is supposed to be the best time of the year considering weather, not very hot, not very cold, just nice. It happens that many areas of Guatemala are located in areas where the weather is like spring season all year long. The capital city, Guatemala city, is located in one of those areas. The weather in this city is just great most time of the year. By the way, Guatemala city is the largest city in Central America..............did you know that?. It's the largest and most populated as well. On the other hand, Guatemala as a country is also the most populated in Central America, it is not the largest in extension however. Do you know which is the largest country in Central America?. That's a homework for you to find out, I don't think it will be too complicated to investigate, but go ahead, it will be interesting to know.
Going back to Guatemala, if you ever travel to this beautiful country it would be good for you to know that you definitely will find very beautiful places. As for the city, it is a modern city, with all features of a large city. Over 3 million people live in the capital city........did you know that?. Yes, you can tell it is a big city. Weather is just great, sometimes a little hot in summer season (March, April, May) at noon, but mornings and evenings are just great. These days there are some works at the airport, it is being remodelated, so you can expect to find construction works all over the place. I understand these works will go on all year long, and will be finished next year 2007. They say that the airport will become the best and most modern in Central America after these improvements and remodelations. We'll see that.

One particular thing about Guatemala is the multicultural customs and traditions. A lot of people in Guatemala are indigenous or natives, they descend from tribes that go from centuries ago, they even speak their own dialect or language. You can see them all over the place, they have beautiful traditions, very good food, interesting customs. One of them even got to win the Nobel Peace prize many years ago, maybe you've heard about Rigoberta MenchĂș , she is very popular and famous, not only in Guatemala and Central America, but in many other countries and continents as well.

You can find a lot of things and different places in Guatemala, from modern cities to colonial towns, spectacular views if you travel by road to towns inside the country. In the future I will share with you some comments about these places.


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