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Hello everybody, this is the first post of this Travel Central America Blog. I will share with you information, tips, travel experiences, comments and related news & articles about traveling in Central America, a beautiful region in the middle of the American continent, which has so many beautiful places to travel.

I have personally traveled to all Central American countries, each one of them. I have also traveled to other countries outside Central America, and I can tell you for sure that every possible tourist destination you have in mind you can find in Central America, the same or even better tourist locations compared to many other regions in the world. Beaches, mountains, rain forest, mayan ruins, colonial cities, warm and kind people, modern Hotels and resorts. The variety of tourist offerings in Central America is very wide and gets to the heart and soul of visitors, that's a sure thing.

If you've already been to Central America I'm sure you agree with me. If you haven't been, when you have the chance to go I'm sure you will agree with me.

Welcome again, and I hope we can enjoy together our traveling in this beautiful region.

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