Getting to Dangriga and San Ignacio in Belize

As I was telling you in my previous post about inland Belize, I finally made it to Dangriga, which is a town located in front of the ocean. By now we are down south of Belize City. There are many attractions in Dangriga, being a town right there in the ocean, main attractions are associated to beaches, cayes nearby, everything for which Belize is famous all over the world. I will tell you more details about Dangriga and nearby places in other posts. Right now, let´s go back to inland Belize.

My next destination was another town named San Ignacio. In order to get there from Dangriga, you have to drive back to Belmopan, about one hour and 15 minutes drive as I mentioned in my previous post. When getting to Belmopan you just turn left and continue the main road to the south west. From Belmopan to San Ignacio you have to drive about 40 minutes, it's very near really.

San Ignacio is a very beautiful place, inside the mountains, a lot of nice landscapes. There is a river entering the town, and a very large bridge. A lot of rain forest places, even jungles nearby. It looks nothing like the beach, it is completely different, you couldn't believe these places actually exist in Belize.

There are also Mayan ruins in the area, not very far away from San Ignacio. That´s another visit and will talk about it in the near future. I had the time to have lunch in a very well known touristic resort in San Ignacio, it has a fine restaurant with a beautiful view to the mountains. The name was San Ignacio Hotel and Resort, pretty nice place. You can sit in an outdoor terrace, and enjoy the view while you eat at the same time. Very relaxing experience.

If you want to go back from San Ignacio to Belize City, it's only about 1 hour and 30 minutes drive. However, before going back to Belize City, I suggest you take some time to visit a nearby village in the way. Just ask local people about "Spanish Outlook" village, they will show you the way, it's very near to San Ignacio.

I will tell you about Spanish Outlook village in my next post……

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bathmate said...

It is a very informative post. Thanks a lot for submitting this post.

Anonymous said...

The Mennonite community place is called Spanish Lookout;not outlook

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