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As a continuation to our last post about Roatan, we would like to tell you as an information the next things about this paradisiac island. Roatan and the Bay Islands are located very near to the north coast of Honduras in Central America, we're talking about the Caribbean here. It has an exceptional location, we're talking about the center of the American continent, very easy access from many places. It is very near from the South East part of the United States. For a better reference we will show you a location map, you can see here that it is very easy to get here from some major cities like Miami, Houston or New Orleans, also from many cities in Central America.

There are a lot of ways to get to Roatan, one of the most usual ways to get there is by air. We want to tell you that Roatan has an international airport which receives daily flights from Houston in Continental Airlines, from Atlanta in Delta Airlines, from many cities in Central America via Taca Airlines, there are charter flights coming from Europe from time to time. There are also a lot of local flights coming from Honduras main land, daily flights to Roatan. Bottom line, getting to Roatan is very convenient and easy for any tourist.

Another way to get there is through Cruise ships from the Caribbean, this travel alternative has had a very fast growing rate in the last few years. It is very common to see big Cruise ships in Roatan, right there in the docks. We were in Roatan a few weeks ago and we saw a Carnival Cruise ship, that is very usual. International Cruise lines arrive to Roatan very frequently. Can you imagine how many tourists visit this island?. It is incredible. When you are in the island, you are in a very touristic place, you can see tourists from all over the world. It is very usual to see American tourists, canadians, from europe, there are a lot of italians tourists and residents in the island as well. Also a lot of tourists from Latin America. As we said, tourists and people from all over the world.

With these many people visiting the island, Roatan has a great amount of Hotels and touristic resorts, a wide range of offerings, let's say for every taste, for every budget. However, even though there are a lot of hotels and touristic infrastructures, at the same time we can say that it is still a place yet to be discovered, yet to be fully developed by the big international hotel chains, famous hotels are yet to be installed. This is something that is coming in the next few years, in a very near future. Hopefully when this happens, the island will still keep it's natural beauty, one of the most atractive things of the island is that it still keeps many natural spots and places that are in its natural shape, we could describe many places in the island like virgin places.

If we want to describe a little bit the geography of the island, we can say that it is aproximately 40 miles long from east to west, and it is rather thin in a way, we don´t believe it is more than 3-4 miles wide from north to south. Even though it is not very wide, it has a lot of mountains in the middle with tropical forests, they are incredibly gorgeous landscapes by the way, people can practice extreme adventure sports.
As for the beaches, there are a lot, and we could describe the beauty of the beaches here with one simple expression ……..Wow!. We don´t have any doubt that we're talking about ones of the best beaches in the World, no kidding. Landscapes that could be in the best postal photos or calendars with pictures of beaches and oceans. You have to be there in order to appreciate the real dimension of such natural beauty in this island.

For divers this is a complete paradise, it would be very difficult to find some other place in the world with beaches like the ones in Roatan for diving and snorkeling. Coral reefs are right there in front of the island, and according to the experts on this field and activities, this is a very special place. A lot of people come from the US, especially from Houston every weekend to practice diving, it is a hobby for these fans. It is a diving paradise for those who have access to Roatan in a very easy way. They just take a direct flight with Continental Airlines and less than 2 hours after, they are already enjoying in Roatan, very convenient, isn't it?

In future posts we're going to tell you a little bit more about some visits we have made to Roatan in the recent past, and some special places like beaches in West End and West Bay. For now, we strongly suggest that you take into consideration a visit to Roatan if you are planning in the future any visit to places in the beach, it is a real alternative for a great vacation, it is worth it, you won't regret your visit, that's for sure…..

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Roatan, a paradise in the Caribbean

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