Would you like to know what is Pulapanzak?

What am I talking about? Am I kidding you? Maybe you are wondering if this word "Pulapanzak" is some mistake, what is it?. Well, the word Pulapanzak is the name of a very famous waterfall in Honduras, in the heart of Central America, and of course, like many destinations we've talked about on our blog, you bet it is a very beautiful place.

Let me tell you that Pulapanzak is located very near Lake Yojoa, and it is a very good place to visit especially if you like nature and things related to rain forests or similar places. If you ever visit the Lake Yojoa area maybe you could make some time to take a quick trip to Pulapanzak. You can drive very easily to get there, it´s about 30 minutes drive from Lake Yojoa. If you're driving from South to North, like going from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula over the main road, just after passing Lake Yojoa take a turn left, it's in the way to "CaƱaveral", a very well known place in the area. Don’t be afraid to ask local people how to get to Pulapanzak, they will tell you, it's not difficult to get there.

All the way from Lake Yojoa to Pulapanzak is very beautiful, a lot of nature surrounding the road, very green landscapes. As you admire the mountains, trees and little towns along the road, in no time you will be in Pulapanzak.

When you get there, you have to get out of your car and walk. There are safe places to park your car, from there you have to walk in order to get to the waterfall, you can not see the waterfall from the road. But don´t worry, it´s not a long walk, only a few minutes.

Once you get there, I'm sure you will agree with me………it is a very beautiful natural scene, the waterfall makes a perfect picture for a good memory. I suggest you take some good pictures of the waterfall, with you in the pictures of course and the waterfall in the back. It feels like you are in the jungle, admiring how beautiful some natural places can be. This waterfall reminds me about some great places I have seen in many movies and TV documentals. It is very beautiful indeed.

Don´t expect to find hotels, resorts or very complex touristic facilities in the waterfall area, even though there are some very good hotels in Lake Yojoa, only minutes away. If you can take some food and water with you to the waterfall, that would be a good idea. I hope that it can stay that way for many years, I mean, the less touristic infrastructure, the better, it feels more natural that way.

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