Lake Yojoa in Honduras, a beautiful spot in the road

Are you interested in visiting a beautiful lake?. When I say beautiful, I mean "really beautiful". Well, there may be many options of beautiful lakes in Central America, and every one is very special. However, I can tell you for sure that one of the most beautiful definitely is Lake Yojoa in Honduras. ......have you ever seen pictures of landscapes with mountains, rivers or lakes in some calendars?. By the way, I have a calendar with pictures of beautiful places and landscapes from Switzerland, including some lakes, wow! ...........are they beautiful!. Let me tell you that Lake Yojoa in Honduras has nothing to envy to these landscapes in the calendars.

If you ever travel Honduras, chances are you will arrive either to Tegucigalpa -the capital city- located center/south of the country, or San Pedro Sula, the 2nd largest city in Honduras, located north. There are many places to visit around these two cities, all of them really good tourist destination. But let me give you some word of advise, if you ever have the chance do the following: drive from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula (or viceversa), it is about 4 hours trip driving your car, the road is in pretty good condition.

You will see very beautiful landscapes in this driving trip, mountains, valleys, you can not imagine how many pine trees you will see, it's incredible. Well, one of the most beautiful landscapes you will find in the middle of this driving trip will be Lake Yojoa. It will attract your attention and I guess it is very difficult not to stop your trip for a while, and spend some time in the lake.

Lake Yojoa is located about 80 Km south of San Pedro Sula (1 hour drive), or 160 Km north of Tegucigalpa (3 hours drive). It's not a very large lake, I would say it's rather small, you can see the mountains in the other end and all around the lake. The water is blue all the time. There are several Hotels and resorts around the lake. You can enjoy some sports or hobbies like water sky or sailing boats.

There are many places nearby right beside the lake where you can have the best fish to eat you could possibly imagine. These places are not restaurants, they are more like little huts or shacks, a lot of them. You can stop by and have some fish in there. One fish I specially like is the one they call "Bass", it's real tasty. Some of these shacks have like an outdoor terrace with tables and chairs where you can eat, they are beside the lake, about 50 feet above the lake. What a view from there!, you can see the lake in all its magnitude from there.

Well, I hope some day you could make this trip to Lake Yojoa, and you will see by yourself what a beautiful place it is.....

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