Panama Canal Cruise

Interested to know a little bit about a Panama Canal Cruise?. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says "Panama"?. A lot of things maybe, but chances are that the most probable thing that comes to your mind is the Panama Canal. Well, what can I say about the Panama Canal?. I guess many people in the world know about the Panama Canal, it is famous worldwide.

Have you ever been to Panama?. If you have, I bet you did go to the Panama Canal, didn't you?. Well, I've been to Panama city several times, and each and every time I go there I can not miss the opportunity to visit the Panama Canal over and over. It's a real adventure, it's amazing how everything works with the structures, the gates. The giant ships passing through right in front of you.

A place you definitely can visit is Miraflores Locks, very near to Panama city. You can go there and take a very near look at everything. There are restaurants inmediately beside the Panama Canal. As you're eating or taking a drink you can see the gates working, the giant ships passing through. I've been there many times, but I guess I never get bored of seeing this again and again. I am really impressed of how all this was able to be constructed more than one hundred years ago. Those gates where the boats and ships go through, close and open all the time, every day, every week, for years and years!

One of the things you can do in Miraflores Locks is go into some type of theater they have right there, and you can watch a video of a Panama Canal Cruise making all the way through the Canal. The video is high speed, it lasts only a couple of minutes, since real time for a ship to complete the journey takes several hours. Somebody took a camera and filmed all the trip. So, it is like you are watching a movie, and you feel like you are going yourself into that ship looking at the Canal overboard. The ship enters from the Atlantic Ocean, and goes all the way through the Panama Canal until reaching the Pacific Ocean.

You can take a look at that video Right Here. This will give you an idea of the whole picture, it is not the same thing of course as if you were in person right there at the theater in Miraflores Locks, but it will give you a taste of it. Enjoy your Panama Canal Cruise.

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