Going for a stroll to Puerto La Libertad, El Salvador

Not very far from San Salvador, the capital city in El Salvador, you can visit Puerto La Libertad, which is one of the most visited tourist locations in the country. The popularity of this place is mainly because of its geographical location, it's only about 35 km south of San Salvador, the road is in very good condition, you can drive and get there in less than 1 hour.

This geographical location is important of course, but there has to be something else that makes this place so popular, the answer to that is pretty simple and straight forward........it is just a very beautiful place, warm and kind people, great landscapes and great food as well, and many other reasons.

The last time I was there early this year, I went from San Salvador to have lunch in a restaurant in front of the ocean. Since it is very near, you get there not tired at all, and you can enjoy very good typical foods, specially sea food. While you're eating you can have at the same time a view of the ocean and the beaches, you can feel the ocean breeze right in your face. It's a warm and great feeling, you can have a very relaxed time, I certainly did!

There are many beaches nearby. The ocean you have right in front of you is the Pacific Ocean with all it's magnitude and splendor. That of course means that the tides and waves are really strong. Several of those beaches nearby are very popular for people who love some special kind of activities and hobbies.....would you know what I'm talking about?. I'm sure you can guess......for people who love surfing of course. Local people even say that some of these beaches are among the best of the world for surfing, and I wouldn't be surprised, it is probably true.

After your visit you could go back to San Salvador taking the same road you came, or you could also go taking an alternate route to the International Airport going in another direction, and eventually get also to San Salvador, it's like going in circle just in another way around. This will take more than 1 hour driving, but you could take advantage of this opportunity to get to know a little bit more of the rural landscapes in order to wrap up the great relax feeling you probably will have in Puerto La Libertad.

Going for a stroll to Puerto La Libertad is just great and worth it!

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