Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

Did you know that Central America is a region with several volcanoes?. Yes, it is, and many of these volcanoes sometimes are active, not all the time, just sometimes. There is like a chain of volcanoes that goes all the way down from Guatemala to Costa Rica. A lot of these volcanoes are touristic places, there are many tours available if you want to take a close look. It's not only the volcano itself, it's also about the great landscapes around it, some of them are like national parks.

This thing with the volcanoes is very interesting, there are many options for visiting a volcano if you travel Central America. One of the most interesting ones is Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica if you are interested in getting somehow personal with a volcano. Arenal, of course, is a Central American must-see, and you can hike around it. And you'll get more than just a pot of hot lava: The area around the volcano also includes a 2,900-hectare national park, an enormous reservoir, and a botanical garden.

Cloud and tropical forest encircle the base of the volcano, which is six kilometers from the town of Fortuna. Arenal itself is some 1,633 meters high and has been continuously active since July, 1968. Every night lava pours down the side of the volcano and huge boulders shoot into the air. Nearby Lake Arenal is used for windsurfing, waterskiing, sailing, and fishing.

What and adventure this is!. If you have the chance someday you should visit Arenal Volcano. In the meantime, let me show you a video about this Volcano, you can see how beautiful it is, not only the volcano as I mentioned before, but also the rain forest, the trees, the insects, the rivers, the lake. This is nature in all its magnitude.

Watching this video will give you an idea of what it looks like, it's not the same thing if you visit in person of course, but you will have like a picture of it. Press the play button, it's the one with the little triangle. I hope you like it.......

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