From Siguatepeque to San Pedro Sula in Honduras

In my previous post I told you about the first half of the trip from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula until getting to Siguatepeque. When you make this trip driving from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula, you have to take a rest in Siguatepeque. It is like a must stop, while you rest you can have lunch, there are a lot of restaurants right next to the road. I suggest you go to Granja D'elia, very good food. A lot of people stop there to have food, drink coffee, take a rest. You can relax for some minutes, stretch your arms and legs, breath natural air. It is not a good idea to do all the 4 hours drive from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula without taking a break. Siguatepeque is the perfect place to take that break, right in the middle of the trip.

After taking a rest and food, I moved on with my trip. Siguatepeque is like in the mountains, similar to Tegucigalpa. Going from Siguatepeque to San Pedro Sula is about 2 hours drive, most of it is downhill, from the mountains down to the Valley of Sula. Now, there is a very interesting place in the road, I already have written previous posts about it. About 30-40 minutes from Siguatepeque, in the road to San Pedro Sula, you will spot to your left, right next to the road, Lake Yojoa, a very beautiful lake. It is surrounded by mountains, the water is very blue. It is a very beautiful landscape. Unfortunately this time I didn´t stop in Lake Yojoa, I was kind of a hurry in getting to San Pedro Sula. But many times I have stopped in Lake Yojoa to enjoy the natural beauty, and to enjoy some of the best fried fish food I've ever eaten, fish food is delicious. Not this time, but next time I will stop by and eat fish.

Going from Lake Yojoa to San Pedro Sula is like getting into more plain terrain, not a lot of mountains. By the way, the road in this area has been recently enhanced, there is a project for enhancing the road from San Pedro Sula to Tegucigalpa until become a real Highway, right now it is under construction. There are many interesting places in this area, near Lake Yojoa. A nearby place is Pulapanzak, a famous waterfall. If you want to go there you have to take a turn left and drive through a different road and drive about 30 minutes. Another interesting place nearby is Santa Cruz de Yojoa, a nice town. In that area you will find El Cajon, which is a very large water dam, it was built about 20 years ago. I've been there by the way, very interesting. In order to go there you should take a turn right going to Santa Cruz de Yojoa, and drive about 30 minutes into the mountains. But again, this is a different road, not in the way to San Pedro Sula.

Next key place in the trip in the way to San Pedro Sula is La Barca, which is an intersection where you decide to go north to San Pedro Sula, or turn right and you're in the way to the city of El Progreso, Tela, La Ceiba (beaches in the Caribbean). This time I took the way to San Pedro Sula.

Not very far from La Barca, you will get to the following towns: Potrerillos, Pimienta, Villanueva. When you get to the town of Villanueva, you almost made it to San Pedro Sula. Villanueva is only 20-25 minutes from San Pedro Sula, it is an industrial town, a lot of Maquila facilities. Villanueva has become like a south neighborhood of San Pedro Sula. A lot of people live in San Pedro Sula and work in Villanueva, they travel every day to their work. From Villanueva to San Pedro Sula there is a highway, very modern road. In no time you will get to San Pedro Sula.

Well, this is it. Very interesting 4 hours drive, the only stop was in Siguatepeque. I will tell you about San Pedro Sula in other posts.

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