A quick visit to Copan Ruins

This time I would like to tell you about a quick visit I made recently to the Mayan Ruins in Copan, Honduras. This is not the first post I write about this mystic and extraordinary place, and I´m sure it won´t be the last post either. I have been there many times before, and I will be there many times again in the future. It is always a very good place to visit. You can never see enough of Copan Ruins, not in one visit and I think not in all the visits you could possibly do.

I was taking vacations for one week early this year, and I was thinking about what places I could visit. Most times when you are planning vacations, you are thinking about visiting new places……. Where I have not been before?. Where could I go this time?. That's fine, I guess most people think this way. However, this time I was thinking to myself, it's been at least 3 years that I have not visited Copan Ruins, it's always a very interesting place to visit, and decided to go there, at least for a day in order to take a look and refresh my memories of that place.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was based in El Cajon with the idea to visit several places that week, and one of those places was Copan Ruins. So I made up my mind and went there for a one day visit, leaving El Cajon early in the morning, visit the ruins the rest of the day and return to El Cajon late in the afternoon.

In order to take advantage of a one day visit, I had to leave early in the morning. Driving from El Cajon to Copan is about 3.5 hours. You have to go from El Cajon to San Pedro Sula, and take the main road from San Pedro Sula to Copan. So I left El Cajon at 6:00 am and I got to Copan Ruins at 9:30. That was a good time to get there, I could stay in the Ruins at least the rest of the day. The weather was not very hot, it was cool, excelent for this visit.

Once you are in Copan Ruins, it's an adventure, it is like traveling through time many centuries ago. In this post I'm not going to talk in detail about the Copan Ruins history, but every time I visit this place I get an incredible feeling………Wow!. The monuments, the ruins, the carved stone, it's amazing. I don´t know how much you are familiar about mayan ruins, but you know, Copan is the most artistic Mayan place ever known. Any person who knows about Mayans can tell you this. The buildings, the hieroglyphic writings carved in the stones. Copan Ruins was the most artistic mayan place that ever existed, and you can see that in the ancient ruins, it's still there.

There are many other mayan cities all over Central America and even in Mexico, some of those cities are larger than Copan, or have much larger buildings, higher or whatever other feature. But looking at ruins from an artistic point of view, Copan is the one site to visit if you had to choose one Mayan place to go someday. Well, that´s may point of view anyway……..

That day I visited every corner into the Copan Ruins, climbed every stairway, every monument, I even visited a couple of caves that go into the buildings, very interesting. Later that day I felt pretty tired, you know, it's a lot of walking, but it is worth it.

In the afternoon I went to the town nearby to have lunch and a cup of coffee, ………..do you know what is the name of the town nearby? ………..wanna guess?. It's easy. The name of the town is………Copan Ruins, it´s only about 4 miles east of the Mayan Ruins. Very beautiful town, colonial buildings, good places to have a good food, it´s very nice to walk in the streets. A lot of tourists there, people from all over the world. If you visit the Mayan Ruins in Copan, you have to visit the town as well.

Later that afternoon I left Copan with the feeling that it was a worth visit. I felt pretty tired but with a great feeling.

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